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Zábavní centrum Hornik

Entertainment Centre Hornik Ostrava

Laser game

Virtual reality

Archery game

NERF Arena

Entertainment Centre Hornik

A place full of fun, action and modern technologies.

In 2013, we founded the first laser game in Ostrava in the department store Hornik and started to restore its former glory. We have also been trying to attract people to the centre of Ostrava city again especially to enjoy fun. At the beginning of 2017, we started Virtual reality and at the same time started thinking about switching to a new brand and the introduction of the latest European boom – Archery game. However, we’re definitely not going to finish; our plans are big.

Do you want to enjoy your free time? Organize a corporate event or a teambuilding? Throw a birthday party or organize a school event? We can arrange it all. Come and try action, modern, sports and above all fun activities in one place and in the highest quality.

Entertainment Centre Hornik Ostrava

Laser Game Ostrava

New direction of action fun in Ostrava!

Sport activit, great fun, dark battlefield from the future and much more is Laser game in Ostrava city centre.

You appear in a dark labyrinth facing lasers all around you. Laser gates make you to move ahead, towards your enemy. Adrenaline is pumping and your finger on the trigger is trembling. One shot, one kill.

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Virtuální realita Ostrava

Enter the world without limits, where only you can rule!

We will prepare perfect audiovisual experience with roomscale movement and countless amount of enviroments. We will find the best for you.

Endless waves of enemies, top of the world, narrow wooden plank on the 30rd floor. Virtual reality gives you all you can imagine.

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Archery game Ostrava

Become Robin Hood, Legolas or Katniss Everdeen!

Archery game gives you great opportunity to try bow shooting on moving enemy. Archery game is totaly safe thanks to special arrows.

Pressure is rising. Arrows fly all around. You have to be quick and swift and catch the arrow from the air. Are you ready?

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NERF Arena Ostrava

NERF Aréna je fakt brutální sranda!

Opravdu moc

Fakt nekecám

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