School event

School event

school event or trip for class or school
3 floors
the most fun activities
Price list
discounted according to packages for schools
original events for the whole class
2000 m 2
the most fun activities
Price list
discounted according to packages
original a school trip for the class or the whole school, which the pupils will enjoy to the fullest
2000 m2
the most fun leisure activities like laser game, virtual reality, archery game, nerf arena
contact us and we will create the most fun event just for you
school events for 5 - 120 people
3 floors
the most fun activities
contact us for a event
Original school events
You'll remember this with us for a long time!

Experience a unique school event or class trip on which nothing is impossible. You’re great with us
you will play sports and have fun with your classmates while playing original games and fun activities. There is no better way to unite your team, all in a non-violent way with an endless amount of fun and great atmosphere, all in one place right in the center of Ostrava.


15 min. activities
(example: 1 game laser game)

30 min. activities
(example: 2 games laser game or 30 min. nerf / archery)

45 min. activities
(example: 3 lasergame games or 1 laser game and 30 min nerf / archery)

60 min. activities
(example: 4 laser games or 2 lasergame games and 30 min. nerf / archery)

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